With the spread of the Covid-19 virus businesses and their owners are doing everything they can to protect themselves, their businesses, employees and their customers from potential contamination. Many nonporous surfaces can remain contaminated for nearly three weeks while people infected by the virus may not have any symptoms for up to two weeks after infection. As we have learned, this is what makes this Virus extremely difficult to deal with in your business or at your home.  That is why you need a high-qualified professional disease remediation company to track, clean and protect your business or place of residence is so important.


Purifier Man is a trusted leader in the industry. We have a team of experts to serve you and your business. Our professional technicians are trained to complete large-scale disinfection of all types of facilities, including office buildings, warehouses, medical facilities, schools, retail stores, and many more.  At Purifier Man, we disinfect all areas of your facility, but really focus on high-touch areas, like front counters, elevator buttons, break rooms, escalator rails, etc., where contaminants can quickly spread.


While there are many methods of disinfection, you can count on your Purifier Man technician to do it properly and in the recommended manner. We provide comprehensive disinfection with EPA and FDA approved cleaning solutions designed to kill all types of germs, influenza and viruses, including Covid-19. We follow CDC, EPA, FDA, WHO and OSHA guidelines. Our technicians also use and wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with your security, privacy and health always in mind.

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